How To Blend A Super Protein Shake!

Ever wonder how to make a superb protein shake recipe? Richard Sordrak, amatuer fitness buff, talks about 4 of the top things to bear in mind when making your own protein shake recipe: the quality of the protein, using other organic foods in the shake, using pure water and adding fiber. Read the complete article to learn more!

Protein shakes offer one of the most excellent means of building lean muscle. With the ability to mix whole foods together, shakes supply one of the most delectable ways to obtain top-shelf nutrition.

Most folks, however, get bewildered when trying to figure out how to create the top protein shake achievable. The following should supply some guidance on how to assemble one of the world's best super-foods.

Use a good-quality protein powder:

This is the most crucial component of any protein shake recipe. You must -- absolutely must -- use a high-quality protein powder. A good protein powder provides a large amount of the nutrition of the shake, however most importantly, it supplies the main part of the flavor of the shake. Is it a chocolate-infused shake? Then a good-quality chocolate protein powder will supply the full chocolate taste you are looking for, but with superb nutrition. Does your shake need a light vanilla flavor? You better trust you're going to require a totally awesome vanilla protein powder.

This isn't just a matter of the taste of your protein powder, though. Using low-cost protein powders offer poor digestibility, reduced nutrition, and most importantly, poor taste! When you purchase the cheapest stuff you can find at some fly-by-night web site, then you are going to be making shakes that are going to give you the farts and give you nausea from their gross taste.

The base of any good protein shake is the protein powder used! I can not stress this enough.

Use whole foods in your shake:

The majority of people don't understand that they can toss whole foods into their shake. Throwing peanut butter, cream, walnuts, even organic eggs into shakes absolutely transforms them. Your protein shakes should not be made of just bizarre powders and health supplements. Consider your shake a condensed "muscle-building-drink" chock-full of healthy foods.

Use frozen organic greens:

I never want to see you place ice into a protein shake recipe! This could sound mad, but placing frozen beans into a shake in place of ice results in the exact same flavor, but tons more nutrition! The ice supstitute's flavor is masked by its' being frozen. Just make sure you blend the shake a bit longer, to pulverize everything up.

Use spring water instead of whole milk:

If you use a good-quality protein powder, along with filling organic food sources, then you won't need milk in your protein shake. The majority of of the population is at least slightly lactose intolerant, and milk delivers a enormous insulin rush in the body, meaning it can help you pack on additional fat if consumed at the wrong time. Combined with the right protein powder, and the most healthful and best tasting organic foods, making your protein shake with water will be fine.

Use a fiber supplement:

A fiber supplement, similar to psyllium husks, offers a little added texture and no extra taste. Its chief advantage though is that it will offer your digestive system a BIG help, in addition it slows down the speed with which your shake is digested, meaning a smaller amout of fat gain!

The last word on how to create a protein shake:

Many of my shakes include whole peanut butter, organic eggs, whole kale, unprocessed oats -- are you getting the picture? My protein shake recipes are actually just whole foods, mixed together with a super-tasting and good-quality protein powder, which results in a "super-drink blend" of sorts. Not only are my protein shakes sweet, rich goodies, but they've helped me make the body of my dreams.

How else are planning to get two or three helpings of the top greens, a full dose of high-quality protein, and fats and carbohydrates from the best food sources, all at once?

Now go have fun with some protein shake recipes!

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